Using a Raspberry Pi for your own Inventory Management System

Using a Raspberry Pi for your own Inventory Management System

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  1. Hi there,
    thanks to your post I found this little gem of inventory mangement. I see you have done a lot improovements. Are you willing to share your edits? Best Chris


  2. Good afternoon,
    I am very interested in getting this up and running, however I am stuck at a WordPress landing page after I have completed all the steps. Is there a checklist of where to start in my trouble shooting and audit of my work?

    It seems like I dont have any temlpates, but as I read through your guide it should have been included and defaulted in the files I downloaded.

    Thanks for reading!


    1. Hi Florian,
      Thank you for taking the time to share the issue you are having, it’s likely other people have had the same experience. The WordPress installation has over written the default settings of the web server installation. If you try the URL to your inventory management system directory, for example: http://localhost/inventory/index.php and you are redirected to WordPress then you will want to check your apache web server settings found in the /etc/apache2/apache.conf
      Let me know how it goes!


  3. Thank you for taking your time to respond .

    This is my first time but looking at the apache web server settings nothing seems to out of order . When try log in the site with localhost i get wordpress, if i try with ip adress//inventory/index.php i get a not found page .

    If i go on http://localhost/inventory/index.php i get 404

    Thank you !


  4. Mine is setup like this /var/www/html/warehouse-inventory-system , i kept the files in warehouse-inventory-system where they are .

    Thank you


  5. If i try to log in i get Database connection failed:Access denied for user ‘admin’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) where do i choose the default log in ? Should i just go and grand all permission to admin user ?
    Thank you


    1. Check your MySql databases configuration. The access is denied because the default password is set to yes for user admin. Does user admin exist, if so is the password in the conf file inside the inventory management system directory set to that password.


  6. Hi, couple of things i need help with/ask about?:
    – Is there a way to change currency to £?
    – Is there anyway of changing it so prices could be say £1.30 as at the moment it only allows me to input whole numbers?
    – When adding products to a sale is there a way as adding multiple items at once, as if i put in qty’s for severasl items then click add item on one of the items it only adds that one item even though ive put in quantities for several?

    Either way this is a very nice inventory management tool 🙂


  7. Saw you updated some of the files… went to re-downloaded and deleted current folder contents and replaced with new download. Changed config file to my database password and now getting “Error on this Query :
    INSERT INTO log (user_id,remote_ip,action,date) VALUES (”,’::1′,’/’,’2019-11-21 21:51:03′)”… any ideas?


  8. Hello,
    I was prompted with a login.
    Logging in with admin:admin brings me to
    Error on this Query :
    INSERT INTO log (user_id,remote_ip,action,date) VALUES (”,’192.168.x.x’,”,’2019-12-02 23:53:31′)
    Checked, I have a table for “log”
    not sure how to check if I have permissions on insert via phpmyadmin.
    ..which file should be edited to comment-out the source-code if I don’t want to log.


    1. I haven’t installed from scratch in a while. Let me check it out, but if you want to comment out the logging, the file you’re seeking is in the includes directory. Bottom of file named “load.php”


  9. Thanks for the fast reply.

    Created fresh LAMP,
    Wordpress & LAMP is 100%.
    noticed 11 hours ago git was updated,
    I have done a fresh install of oswa.
    Still having the same issue, I receive the proper login/password prompt, and have tried all 3 default user/pws. they all end with the same result…

    Error on this Query :
    INSERT INTO log (user_id,remote_ip,action,date) VALUES (”,’192.168.x.x’,’auth.php’,’2019-12-03 23:02:18′)

    Refreshing the page results in the same error unless I delete the log, then I am prompted again with a login/pw,
    I’m currently stuck in a loop of entering default credentials, deleting the only log in the oswa_inv SQL tree and refreshing the index.php in my browser.

    I have confirmed the SQL user/pw is correct & matches the config.php,
    Also looks like user permissions are correct via phpmyadmin.

    Is there an older ver. I can install?

    Thanks again for your time.


    1. Hi Freddy, thank you for your work. I appreciate you sharing your experience. I’ll look into the issue. For some reason the user id which in the case of admin is 1, is not being inserted in the SQL query.


      1. Hello,
        When adding media the 1st upload works, the next upload results an error.
        Error on this Query :
        INSERT INTO media ( file_name,file_type ) VALUES (
        Refresh the /media.php & try again I’m prompted “in red” The file image0002.jpeg already exists.
        checking the dir the file HAS been uploaded, using phpmyadmin I have manually added a new row under “media” nest with proper info, refreshing media.php, Now the new media is viewable in the GUI.

        When adding a product, 1st product goes smooth, 2nd results an error
        Error on this Query :
        INSERT INTO stock (product_id,quantity,comments,date) VALUES (’10’,’1′,’initial stock’,’2019-12-04 20:04:15′)

        Reviewing product nest in phpmyadmin, The 2nd product has over written the 1st product instead of creating a new row under “product” nest.
        Manually added new row & filled in the proper info, all looks well in GUI after refreshing browser.

        Manually added 15 media files, as well new rows under “media” & “products” nest using phpmyadmin.
        All looks good in the GUI after refresh,



  10. Hi all,
    i have used this program on my pi3, after struggling couple of days got everything got Working,
    Db given access, Default login password is changed from OSWA_inv, …… and system is up and running fine!~

    Now i m trying to land this project on 000webhost, almost set, Database config is updated with 000webhost database, access granted, login screen appears, but after login it hangs on Auth.php page, (i tried to bypass authentication and force session , but no use) Please help me on this !
    my 000webhost url :
    user/Password = admin/test
    thank You!


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