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I’m going to take you on a tour of Do It Yourself Smart Gardening

My name is Cory, I’m a Technical Craftsman specializing in creative problem solving within electronics and software engineering. Professionally, I’ve worked as an electronics engineer, a plastics fabricator, software engineer, an industrial laser technician, and, of course, a coffee barista. I’ve spent the last several years working on a Smart Garden System project I named, hydroMazing. I’m sharing my work with you because I would like to empower everyone who is interested in a “Smart” approach to gardening.

What we’ve covered so far:


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Now that we have an understanding of what it takes to provide an optimum indoor growing environment we can start analyzing the cost-benefit of further optimizing and automating the system. Please share with friends and follow to receive a notification when I publish the next section.

Section 1: Multiple Sensors ~ Let’s start by using an Arduino Nano on an Expansion Board to monitor the indoor gardening environment. We will measure light intensity, ambient temperature, relative humidity, nutrient/water temperature.

Section 2: Controlling Appliances ~ Continue working with the Arduino Nano on an Expansion Board to control appliances in the indoor gardening environment. We can continue working directly wired or we can start working with wireless communications. Wired or Wireless?

Section 3: Wired and Wireless Display ~ Add an Arduino Uno using an LCD with Buttons Shield to provide a display and alerts.

Section 4: Add Raspberry Pi for Web Services ~ for remote access, notifications, data collection, and analytics.

Section 5: Advanced Sensors ~ moisture probe, pH, E.C., carbon dioxide level, flow-rate, liquid, float (liquid level switch).

Peristaltic Pump

Advanced Nutrient Solution Management: Using Dosing/Peristaltic Pumps.

Using a Raspberry Pi and USB Camera Use Raspberry Pi to monitor or collect snapshots of the garden using a USB camera.