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hydroMazing Growtronix SmartBee Hydropods
Price $975.00 $1,749.00 $2,499.00 $699.00
Internet / Remote Access Optional ( Not everyone has or wants 24/7 Interwebs ) With IP Forwarding Requires PC and IP Forwarding Optional With IP Forwarding Required
Wireless nRF lightweight Bluetooth / WiFi ZigBee & WiFi WiFi
Sensors Included Wireless: Temp/Humidity / Light Level / Water Temp / Flow Rate / Float Sensor / Soil Moisture Temp / Humidity / Light Wireless: Temp/Humidit / Light Embedded Sensor module Temp/Humidity/CO2
Customizable Expansion via modules: hydroMazing Advanced/Pro Controller, Solar-Powered Modules Expansion via modules: GC-Pro Control System Expansion via modules: SmartBee Enabled, Bluelab Guardian Monitor Expansion via modules: Hydropods Nutrient Controller
Control Devices 5 wireless, 15A ea. 1 wireless unit with 4 outlets Wired outlets 12, 24V DC outputs 2 wireless, 15A ea.
Data / Analytics Local Storage ( Raspberry Pi ) Require PC Local Storage Cloud-Based requires paying for data service
User Interface Raspberry Pi Local Web Server Web Interface Native iOS / Android Apps & Web Interface
Support 24/7 Phone Service 90 days, $49/call
Warranty 2 years 3 years 1 year
Quality comprised of pre-existing ubiquitous well-tested, open and community sourced hardware modules Embedded, i.e. Disposable after the warranty expires.
Privacy Don’t pay someone to use your data to make themselves money.
Security Internet access increases the risk of a secuirty breach. hydroMazing limits access to IP addresses with permission.

hydroMazing is built on a flexible and expandable platform that offers the ability to adapt to your gardening needs.  hydroMazing can be configured to control and monitor your indoor potted-herb garden in the small bay window, or a small hydroponic farm in a spare room, a backyard aquaponic greenhouse, or even a mushroom garden in your basement.  hydroMazing has alerts, notifications, or reminders that can be configured anytime and from anywhere you can check on the state of your beloved plants.

I am personally supporting this project.  I assemble, customize, program, and test each hydroMazing system.  Interested in more Technical Information?  Contact me to let me know you are interested in a self-install kit.

hydroMazing Smart Garden System Demo