Using hydroMazing


Setup and Use hydroMazing

  • The Controller ( Arduino Nano ) uses 433MHz Transmitter to send codes to remote-controlled AC Outlets or can connect directly via a transistor, MOSFET, or relay.
  • Web Services Module ( Raspberry Pi ).
    • Optional Web-Camera ( USB Web-Camera ).
  • Optional  ( connect directly via a transistor, MOSFET, or relay.  Supports additional sensors: E.C., pH, Light Intensity, more floats and flow-rate sensors.

What are the steps needed to use hydroMazing?

  • Connect the Raspberry Pi to your local router.
  • Plug in the hydroMazing Controller unit’s USB to the Raspberry Pi.
  • Power the Raspberry Pi.
  • Use a Power Squid ( Multiple Plugs ) to attach the Remote Controlled AC Outlet Modules to their corresponding appliance assignment according to the hydroMazing Smart Garden System’s settings.

Plug-in appliances to their corresponding remote controlled AC switch units.  Most growing environments can be configured as follows:

  1. Intake Ventilation Fan
  2. Exhaust Ventilation Fan
  3. Humidifier / Other
  4. Heater / Additional Lighting
  5. Pump(s)

How to Access the Web Interface:

  • Use a wormhole service such as
  • Discover the IP address that your router has assigned to the Raspberry Pi, running hydroMazing Web Services.
  • use a DDNS service to update the dynamic address assigned to your router and directly access the web interface
  • Login to the web interface using the admin credentials provided.  Example URL of web interface https://%5B your device ]
  • Click ~ Settings → Automatic Timezone → Update
  • Click ~ Settings → Email Notifications → [ enter your email address ] → Save
  • If your growing environment is not within an Ethernet cable distance away from the router then you will need to configure the WiFi.
  • Click ~ WiFi Settings → SSID → [ enter your router’s SSID ]

Passkey → [ enter your router’s WiFi password ] → Save


I liked the simple inventory management system application so much, I borrowed it’s web interface to improve hydroMazing:

hydroMazing snapshot

hydroMazing chart