Water Level and Flow Rate Sensors

When working with water and nutrient solutions it is helpful to have a way to monitor the level of the liquid in its container.  Additionally, it is useful to attach a flow-rate sensor to your water pump which can be used to identify issues such as a clog in the line or a disconnected water line that is pumping out liquid onto the floor.

Connecting these sensors to your hydroMazing Smart Garden System is made easy by the use of good old-fashioned coiled telephone wires

Water-Level ( Float ) Sensors


Water level sensors come in a variety of types but the most common is the low-cost float switch.  The float switch combines a flotation material such as Styrofoam with a magnet that when aligned with the body of the switch activates a reed switch completing the circuit.


Flow-Rate Sensor


A flow-rate sensor connected to your water pump will provide a measurement of the rate at which the liquid is flowing through the sensor.


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