Technical Info

It wasn’t my intention to make a product. I simply wanted to solve a common problem. I want to grow plants indoors or under controlled conditions. How can I create an optimum environment for plants to thrive using commonly available electronics and household items?
hydroMazing is a tool for making it easier to provide optimum growing conditions for successfully growing plants at home. An independent data collection system and web interface located on your own device; not a remote cloud.


The hydroMazing smart garden system is designed to monitor and manage your growing environment by automatically controlling fans, heaters, lights, water pumps, and more. hydroMazing communicates wirelessly for maximum flexibility and can even send you updates and alerts online!

hydroMazing is infinitely adaptable! We built our open-architecture platform to easily develop and integrate new modules to fit nearly any growing need. When you join the hydroMazing community, we’ll help assess your personal needs and find the right solutions to produce an amazing home garden.


With the hydroMazing Smart Garden System, you can grow healthy, happy plants anywhere, anytime of year!

Get Growing with the hydroMazing  Smart Garden System

hydroMazing works wirelessly by using sensors and peripheral appliances such as fans, lights, pumps, and humidifiers to monitor and regulate the environment.  hydroMazing’s wireless capabilities allow it to remotely control outlets and send you alerts.  hydroMazing has a modular design which allows it to be highly adaptable to your growing environment.  The system could easily be modified to work in a variety of environments, such as aquaponics, outdoor gardens, or even industrial greenhouses.


  • Fully customizable – hydroMazing is a garden control and monitoring system built on low-cost open-hardware modules*, which offer a wide range of flexibility for customization and expansion. hydroMazing was designed for use with standard low-cost sensors and hardware, but can be adapted for use with your existing hardware.
  • Wireless communication – The hyroMazing system uses nRF modules for wireless communications, offering long transmission distances without any need for an internet connection. The system’s central processing hub, which I call “The Decider,” receives and transmits data wirelessly to sensors and appliances and even will notify you via its remote control if something is wrong.
  • Automation that works – hydroMazing has been thoroughly tested on garden herbs, bell peppers, and medical/recreational cannabis (where legal). You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to grow luscious, healthy plants!

Feature Basic Module Advanced Module Node Module
Appliance Control:
Intake Fan X
Exhaust Fan X
Circulation Fan X
Humidifier X
Heater X
Pump X
Water Pump X
Nutrient Solution Pump X
Solenoid Valve X X X
Lights 1-3 X
Sensor Readings:
Temperature F X X
Humidity X X
Water Temperature F X X
Flow Rate X X
Soil Moisture X X
Gas CO2 X
ElectroConductivity X
pH X
Light Level X
Light Intensity X X
Float Low X
Float High X
Float Water X
Float Nutrient Solution X
Internal Temperature X X X
Voltage X X X

Data Specifications

  • The controller unit(s) read and transmit sensor readings once every second.
  • The Raspberry Pi receives and records the data, also averaging the sensor readings over one minute.
  • A python script executes once per minute to record data to the database on the Pi.
  • Once per hour a series of scripts execute to process data over the last 24 hour period generating a log for each sensor, appliance, or alert and a condensed averages over the last 24 hours.
  • A simple chart displays the last 24 hour period comparing Temperature, Humidity, Water Temperature, and Internal Temp.