Using hydroMazing to Monitor your Grow Space

The hydroMazing Smart Garden System does not require an Internet connection in order to grow plants.  The Internet access is for you, the user and administrator of the system and any updates that I release.  Data logged by the system is saved locally on the Raspberry Pi where it is processed.


I designed hydroMazing Smart Garden System to grow with you as you become more advanced in your growing knowledge and techniques.  The default system settings are set to grow most herbs and lettuces.  These settings also include the notifications that you will receive when the system detects issues.

You’ve already Setup hydroMazing Smart Garden System and now you’re ready to  configure the hydroMazing system’s Grow Manager found through the web-interface:   System Settings->Grow Manager.  You can choose to either Add Grow or Edit Grow to change the type of plant profile and lighting schedule that you want the system to use.

When starting out, I recommend that you try your hydroMazing system for a few days, or as long as you like, without connecting any appliances for it to control.  During this time you can watch what actions the system will “try” to make in order to control the environment.  You will also receive notifications as the system processes the data it collects.  When you are ready to try making changes to the system settings that control the appliances, you can find them under System Settings->TheDecider.

hydroMazing snapshot

The system supports and is ready to use the water-level sensor ( float ) and the flow-rate sensor.  I have also tested and programmed the system for using soil moisture, pH, EC, CO2 sensors and direct relays and solenoid valves.  These advanced sensors and devices require opening the hydroMazing controller and sensor unit to plug-in to the Arduino Nano Expansion Board.


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